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Member Profile - Central Coast Writers

October 01, 2020

A member profile on yours truly over at  Central Coast Writers. 

Fiction - Ghost Tree - Catamaran Literary Reader

June 01, 2020

Death is all too common in the sport of big wave surfing. Nick Drzal knows this, and he plans to risk it all to overcome his fears at Ghost Tree in Pebble Beach, the same big wave that killed his father.

Interview - With Lee Goldberg - Kelp Journal

April 01, 2020

Interview with NYT Best-seller.

Interview - Six Questions For

April 11, 2020

Six Qestions as Editor of Kelp Journal.

Essay - Without the Sea - Kelp Journal

October 14, 2019

Essay on surfing and recovery. 

Fiction - Below the Silent Flow - Close to the Bone (UK)

August 15, 2019

Art Dominguez got as close as he could to the crime scene. A strip mall psych ward downtown. Cops and EMT’s bounced off each other. Civilians stood and watched from behind the tape.

Book Review - Norco '80 - in TCR

June 07, 2019

...“We just got our asses kicked, didn’t we?” Deputy Andy Delgado says to Deputy Rolf Parkes while in the hospital after an eye surgery to remove bullet shrapnel. 

Essay - All the Ways to Save Your Life - The Rumpus

April 14, 2019

Essay on addiction and the choice to live. 

Book Review - We Can Save Us All - TCR

December 26, 2018

Book review of Adam Nemett's debut novel, We Can Save Us All by Unnamed Press.

Book Review - Still Lives - in TCR

August 09, 2018

Gripping literary thriller from Maria Hummel. 

Book Review - Adjustment Day - in TCR

July 18, 2018

Remember the guy who wrote fight club? He's back in this installment. Check out my review on Chuck Palahniuk's latest release, Adjustment Day. 

Interview - Liska Jacobs - TCR

June 20, 2018

Interview with Liska Jacobs on her new book, Catalina

Book Review - The Miranda - in TCR

March 30, 2018

Interview - Helena Echlin, Malena Watrous - TCR

October 10, 2017

Interview - Ragnar Jonasson - TCR

June 01, 2017

Fiction - "Striver" in Scheherazade

December 01, 2016

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